Aerin Detailed

Quests (Roadmap)

Chapter One - Immediately after mint


Clan Treasuries

The clan treasuries will be open from the minute we sell out (or minting is finished)

The Kingdom will have four sub-treasuries owned and managed by the community. One for each clan. These are effectively mini-dao's that will be owned and operated by the nft holders.

How will they be managed? Well, initially the king will operate the DAO via community polls/voting that will be managed by clan leaders.

Chapter two - February 2022


The re-birth of the secret clan - The Draugr

The first quest for the clans to complete is a test of loyalty. The Kingdom will have a never- seen-before deflationary mechanism.

Burn four NFT's to summon forth an ultra-rare Draugr. A hidden clan.

This mechanism will serve to banish paperhands and flippers from the Kingdom and will also give people the opportunity to get their hands on that super rare NFT everyone always seeks.

Chapter three - █████████ (REDACTED) - May-August 2022



The kingdom of aerin suits ██████ utility. The utility ███████ blockchain █████ based on the summoning of the draugr. ██████ currently in the planning phase. ███████ P2E ████.

More to follow after mint.

Side Missions




Limited edition physical cards for your NFTs


Giveaways and Collabs


Exclusive Alpha Zone


King Aerin (Liam) - Founder

Liam is the founder of the Kingdom of Aerin. Father of two - living in London, UK. Lawyer by day - king by night.
The king has a passion for all things nft and fantasy. Aerin is his baby and he will do everything in his power to make it a success!

Bloopyyyyyy - Lead Dev

Bloopyyyyyy is the founder of pigs.game and lead dev for Kingdom of Aerin.
Bloopyyyyyy is a dev who has worked at and founded multiple startups. Looks after all the code, smart contracts and security stuff!

Ed - Leader of the Minotaurs

Ed Dinzole is an illustrator/animator who specializes in using Toon Boom Harmony, Illustrator, Photoshop, and After Effects to create 2d animations and illustrations for a wide variety of purposes. His work has appeared on Adult Swim, TNT, Fox, on apparel and in large cutouts, in music videos and commercials, as well as a long list of other online promotional campaigns. His work has been used for multiple successful NFT campaigns.
Work Samples: ED opensea

Dama - Leader of the Locathah

Dama is a systems administrator by profession living in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. With a burning desire and passion to make art he picks up his pencil by night to make his dreams of becoming a full-time artist a reality.
My art expresses life's reality. It derives from my experiences as well as others. it is the voice for those who know and relate to the challenges that life brings.
Work Samples:
dama linktree

Bulma - Leader of the Teiflings

Bulma is the creator of the Teiflings. A race of super powerful devil- women.
Bulma has created this race which comprises of all women. Women in crypto need more power - how better to say this than through creating a super-race of devils?

MAC - Leader of the Elves

MAC is renowned for his hand-drawn collections - with details which make our heads go a bit fuzzy.
MAC decided to create sub-clans within the Elves - there is High Elves, Dark Elves, Celtic Elves and even Cyber Elves.
If you would like to see some of MAC's other work please head to his OpenSea account here: MAC opensea


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